Guo Guangsheng


Beijing Academy of Science and Technology

Address by President Guo Guangsheng of BJAST on the Website of
International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics


Dear International Contestants and Team Leaders:

Warm Greetings!

It is a real pleasure to know that 2018 International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics(IOAA) will be held in Beijing in November 2018, and many contestants are from nations and regions along the BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) regions. I sincerely invite you to Beijing to attend IOAA, tour the astronomical observatories, engage in comptetition activities, and experience the  extensive cultural glamour of Beijing.

IOAA is one of the three International Astronomy Olympiads certificated by UNESCO and IAU. Beijing is a city with more than three thousand  years of history, and also a city tightly bonded to Astronomy. In Beijing, the Temple of Sun, the Temple of Moon, the Temple of Heaven, and the Temple of Earth, reflect the deep rooted Chinese philosophy of “Heaven and Man in One”. The Beijing Ancient Observatory by Chang’an Street is one of the most ancient observatory in the world, with the longest historical record of continuous observation. Beijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJAST) is the only large high-level multidisciplinary scientific research institution directly under the the supervision of Beijing Municipal government. BJAST strives to establish the Science Communication Center to integrate resources and provide powerful support for public science communication. Beijing Planetarium has been indispensable to the communication of astronomical knowledge in China and has become the place of choice for amateur astronomers in China and beyond. Beijing Planetarium is attracting more and more people to learn about astronomy and space. The main venue of the Olympiad will be in Beijing Planetarium. Hosting the upcoming IOAA is in line with the spirit of spreading astronomy knowledge and promoting science in general.

IOAA is never simply a platform of competition. It is a platform of exchange and communicaton  among different countries and cultures. We are expecting to make more friends through this activity. Although we are from different countries or regions, the same starry sky above would bridge all national boundaries.

Finally, I wish all the contestants all the best during their visit to Beijing, and I hope the upcoming 12th IOAA would be a wonderful and memorable experience for all participants.


Guo Guangsheng 


Beijing Academy of Science and Technology

26th June,2018













北京市科学技术研究院院长 郭广生