Local Organizing Committee of 12th IOAA

28th October, 2018



The Third Circular


Dear Participants, with the start of the 12th IOAA just about a week away, here are some last minute reminders.



As you know, the opening ceremony on the morning of 4th November will be held outdoors, and It will last about 2 hours. The expected temperature will be only 3°C, so dress appropriately.

Each night will be cold at Students’ Hotel, Yanqing district and not just during the outdoor observation round. It will be colder during the windy and clean sky. You can expect temperatures as low as -5°C.



Voltage in China is 220V, we will supply the power connections as shown in the following picture in the IBM room. Please ensure that you have an appropriate power adapter to fit these sockets.




In the IBM room, there will be Wi-Fi network but no cabled network.

This is another reminder to all leaders and observers to please install the QQ on your smart phone and add the group 451911374 as soon as possible.



The contestants should bring their own Calculator, and it could be used during problem solving. The calculators should not have graphing mode, programmable functions, formulas storage and calculus functions.

An indicative list of acceptable calculator models is as follows:

Allowed calculators (incomplete list)

Disallowed calculators (incomplete list)

Casio FX-82 MS / SOLAR / SX Plus

Casio FX-82 DE+ / AU+

Casio FX-95 MS

Casio FX-83 GT+

Casio FX-220 Plus

Casio FX-96 SG+

Casio FX-350 MS

Casio FX-350 ES+

Casio FX-570 MS

Casio FX-570 ES / ES+

Canon F-502 G

Casio FX-991DE+ / MS / ES / ES+ /ID+

Canon F-715 S / SG

Sharp EL-W506 X

Canon F-720i

TI-30 XS Multiview

HP 10s+

Casio FX-82 DE+ / AU+

Sharp EL-501 X

Sharp EL-503 W

Sharp EL-506 X / W

Sharp EL-509 X / W

Sharp EL-510 RN

Sharp EL-520 X / W

Sharp EL-531 XH / XG / WH


TI-30 eco RS / Xa



Airport pick-up information

The meeting zone at Beijing International Airport Terminal 3 is shown as a red square on the map. Emergency contact phone number are  +86 13671118096  and +86 13911568344.




The meeting zone at Beijing International Airport Terminal 2 is shown as a red square on the map. Emergency contact phone number are +8613520836067  and +86 13601028213.




Information and Contacts

The Circulars and all relevant information are put up on the website at http://ioaa2018.bjp.org.cn, which will be updated regularly.